Man versus robot contest
(Luke Jensen vs. Boomer)

Robot Optimizers and Topnotch present a tennis exhibition between Luke Jensen (former French Open champion and TV commentator) and "Boomer" a tennis robot. Topnotch member Dave Jordan (head of Robot Optimizers) has spent 5 years developing Boomer with Topnotch's cooperation and is honored and delighted to have Luke Jensen as an opponent for Boomer's world debut. Topnotch members will soon be able to play Boomer because Robot Optimizers is giving Boomer to Topnotch.

Boomer is an advanced tennis ball machine that sees the ball, talks, plays a game at any level and has multiple practice and rating drills. It rates every ball the player hits and adjusts its own shots accordingly to interact realistically with the player. For example if you hit a strong shot, Boomer will throw a nice fat lollipop for you to put away. If you hit a weak shot, it will throw a stronger shot.

Time: Events starting 4:30, Friday, Sept. 26th
Where: Topnotch Indoor Tennis Center

List of events:

  • 4:30 Come playa game against Boomer
  • 5:00 cocktail hour, hors d'oeuvres. Prizes and information about our fall Junior program is available.
  • 5:30 doubles exhibition starring Topnotch pros
  • 6:30 Feature: Luke Jensen vs. Boomer (2 out of 3 sets) Group dinner at Maxwell's afterwards

All events are free and open to the public.

Please contact Dave Jordan (603-253-6650) or
Andrew Chrnura (802-253-9649) for more information.

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Boomer is based on the Shotmaker Deluxe, Sport Tutor's top-of-the-line professional ball machine. The Shotmaker's power, accuracy, versatility and dependability make it an excellent platform for Boomer. Sports Tutor has a superb reputation for reliability and sells more tennis ball machines than any other company in the world.