#12: How do I see Boomer in action?

You can see a video of Boomer in game mode on this website, but to truly understand how awesome Boomer is, you need to actually play at least two games against Boomer. This will allow you to serve one game and return one game. Anytime you play a game against Boomer, it chooses who serves randomly. Let’s say Boomer wins the serve. It will tell you where it is going to serve “Boomer serving to the deuce court”. It will tell when it is going to serve by saying “Service”. Most people try to crush the return to show Boomer (or me, if I’m giving the demo) how good they are and hit it “out”. They are now waiting for Boomer to throw another ball, but Boomer says “out” followed by “15-love”. I’ve given this demo hundreds of times and the user’s reaction is always the same; disbelief. I’m holding the remote to start and stop Boomer, to allow them to get in position and they accuse me of talking into the remote because we both saw it land out and then they heard my voice say “out”. Well it is my voice because I recorded “out”, but Boomer works exactly the same when I’m 3000 thousand miles away sleeping in my bed back in Vermont. They typically lose the first game badly because they underestimate how steady Boomer is (Boomer rarely misses). Now it is their serve and Boomer says “Here are two balls to serve” and then throws them two balls right to the center of the baseline, similar to a ball boy. Often times they hit these balls back because they weren’t listening. Boomer then says “Your serve to the deuce court” and they quickly run around looking for a ball to serve. They then typically serve really hard and if I’m lucky it goes in a corner and Boomer says “Ace!”. Now they understand how to lose a point (hit it out) and win a point (hit a great serve) and they are hooked. They can’t wait to play the next point and see what “works” to beat Boomer. I don’t have to explain anything else, they figure out what works, exactly they way they would if they were playing a person they had never played before. I love giving demos and will drive almost anywhere in the U.S. for the opportunity to show what Boomer is capable of. Most demos are free, especially if you live in the Northeast. If you live outside the Northeast, I will make it my business to eventually get to your court and give you a free demo because it is the only way to get people to buy or rent Boomer.

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