#37: Is Boomer constantly improving?

Yes. Every time I give a demo, especially at an academy or university, I ask them what kind of drill they would like to program.  Then I use that as an example of how to program a drill.  Like any high-end ball machine, Boomer allows you to throw any type of ball to any location with any desired spin.  Boomer also allows you to specify the timing of each ball in the drill down to 1/10 of a second.  It also allows you to specify a target for each ball, like deep deuce court, very deep ad court at a speed exceeding 55 mph, very short wide volley, etc.  There are currently over 50 targets you can choose from to encourage certain patterns of play.  You can also specify that the drill stops if you miss a target.  This is similar to playing a point and gives the user a stake in doing the drill.  If you miss a target, your turn ends.  The point is that Boomer’s library of preprogrammed drills is constantly expanding so you benefit from other people’s ideas.  And this is not limited to just drills, some of Boomer’s most powerful modes, the beep drill, for example, come from customer’s suggestions.  Basically anything you can think of, Boomer can do already by programming a drill, or I can spend a few hours and change the software to add another mode.  I’m always open to ideas that will make Boomer a better tool to improve your game and enjoyment of tennis.

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