#04: How do you win a point against Boomer?

There are 5 ways to win a point against Boomer. (1) You hit a winner. Boomer awards you the point anytime you hit a shot rated much higher than Boomer’s setting. For example, if Boomer is set at level 4.0 and you hit a serve rated 5.5 or above, that is a winner or “ace”. Another example is if you nail a forehand hard right in the corner. If Boomer rates your shot at 5.5 or above based on speed, depth and width and 2nd bounce depth, that is also a winner and Boomer will announce the speed of the shot (similar to seen on TV). (2) You hit a two-shot winner. The simplest example, is a big serve (but not quite big enough or close enough to the line to be a winner) followed by a big groundstroke to the corner. If Boomer rates two consecutive shots considerably above Boomer’s level, that is a two-shot winner and Boomer will say “two-shot winner”. (3) You hit a three-shot winner. If you hit 3 consecutive shots slightly above Boomer’s level, you get a three-shot winner and Boomer will say “three-shot winner”. (4) You “grind” out a point. In game mode, Boomer doesn’t say anything during a point. It does however, rate each shot hit and keep track of a running sum of the shots you’ve hit. If you reach a “magic” number without missing, it awards you the point and says “nice grind”. The magic number depends mostly on Boomer’s set level but also on who is serving and the game score. At the highest level (7.0) it may take 14 balls to “grind” out a point, which is equivalent to a 28 ball rally. (5) You get an unforced error. Rarely, Boomer will award an unforced error, similar to Federer shanking an easy overhead. This is to reward you for making Boomer play one more ball. This happens only 2% of the time at the highest level and only 5% at the lowest level; and never if Boomer is losing.  Boomer is mentally tougher when he’s down; just like most good competitors.

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