Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Where can I find Boomer?
    Click here to see a list of places where you can play against Boomer.

  2. How does it "call" the balls?
    Boomer uses a single video camera to detect the motion of the ball on its side of the net. It tracks the ball and calculates the bounce position and ball speed.

  3. Does Boomer ever make a mistake?
    Because it is looking for motion, it can be confused by any motion on its side of the court. Boomer will not work well on courts that have shadows cast by trees (or flags) on windy days because it will be confused by the shadow's movement. Also on windy days, or if the balls are dead, Boomer can throw the balls into the net or long. This can be adjusted by tweaking the elevation. Under normal conditions, Boomer calls the ball correctly 98% of the time, just about like a regular opponent. However, it is much more likely to give you the point rather than hook you.

  4. Does Boomer bother people on adjacent courts?
    The volume on Boomer can be adjusted to be quieter than a normal match. If this is still too loud we have a wireless headphone options for total silence.

  5. What happens if I dropshot Boomer?
    Boomer considers this a weak shot, even if you hit a "good" dropshot. A dropshot often confuses Boomer because it sees the 2nd bounce of the drop shot before it sees the 1st bounce of the next ball. Don't dropshot Boomer.

  6. What happens if I hit Boomer?
    Usually Boomer will say "Can't tell, call it good" because the camera cannot see the bounce of the ball. Boomer hides a little bit of the court from the camera. Sometimes the ball may bounce back into the court which can confuse Boomer into calling this ball instead of the next ball. Try to hit for the corners and this won't happens.

  7. How do I set all the options back to default?
    Turn Boomer off, then back on.

  8. Can I pick up balls while someone else is using Boomer?
    Usually, no, because Boomer would think you are a ball and "call" you instead of the actual ball. In unrated drills or user drills, the camera is not used, so in that case it is okay to pick up balls and go on Boomer's side of the court.

  9. Where can a spectator stand and not interfere with Boomer?
    Behind the service line on the side of the court opposite Boomer. If someone stands anywhere near the net, Boomer will detect motion near the net and get confused.

  10. Why does Boomer say "net" before I ever served?
    Possibly somebody walked or moved near the net or a ball rolled near the net. When Boomer is expecting a serve, it looks very closely at the net and can see thru the net all the way to the service line of the other court. If any ball or person enters this area, Boomer will think a serve hit the net and call "net".

  11. Why is there a delay before Boomer says "net"?
    Boomer waits a little after detecting the ball near the net. If the ball lands in the service court after hitting the net, Boomer calls this a good serve, just like college tennis.

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